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"Yoga is firstly for individual growth, but through individual growth society and community develop."

                                      -BKS Iyengar

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Sound Immersion

Embody Yoga & Pilates, LLC offers a variety of workshops from Sound Immersions to Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.

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Warm Inviting Space

Our studio is heated with Far Infared Radiant Heat. 

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Embody Yoga & Pilates, LLC is a yoga and pilates studio in downtown Oshkosh providing 20-30 classes a week. Classes include Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Yoga Basics, Restorative Yoga and Pilates along with a variety of workshops each month.


The mission of Embody Yoga & Pilates is to build a yoga community in downtown Oshkosh including all; regardless of financial limitations. That's why we offer yoga at the very affordable rate of $8 per class and also offer at least one donation only class per week. We provide a safe, warm and inviting space in which to practice yoga.  We encourage  individuals of all shapes, sizes, ages and financial backgrounds to come together and start their yoga practice today.  Yoga has a powerful effect on your mind, body, and heart; many times in ways you don't expect. This community leads to connections and relationships you didn't know you needed! 

Excerpt from Yoga Journal- "Building a Yoga Community" September 24, 2008

 "When people start yoga, they don't really know what they're getting into," says Rama Berch, founder of the Master Yoga Foundation and the founding president of Yoga Alliance. "But it has such a powerful effect on their minds, bodies, and hearts that they want to link up with other people who are having similar experiences, so they begin to chat before class or go out for tea afterward. People choose to cultivate relationships in a yoga community in a different way than they choose their other relationships."  

Far Infrared Radiant Heat


We use Far Infrared Radiant Heaters, which work similar to the sun by heating the objects in a room rather than the air. Far infrared heat waves are capable of penetrating deep into the human body. This type of heat alleviates allergens in the air, and also has been known to improve circulation and metabolism, and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Sweating, aids in detoxifying the body and rejuvenates the skin. Embody is the only studio in Oshkosh to use this type of heat.